Nursery License in Dubai
Nursery License in Dubai

Nursery License in Dubai

How to get Nursery License in Dubai

The nursery License in Dubai is one of the demanding businesses in the UAE. There is a regular increase in the number of new nurseries evolving day by day. Dubai being the busiest city in the world keeps humans occupied with official and personal stuff. Young parents who aren’t able to hire a maid prefer a nursery for babysitting. Since Nursery has to give proper care and affections for children, the UAE government has taken the right measures to get proper approvals for new nursery licenses.

The Nursery School is a Professional license and it must be fully owned by UAE National. The ex-pats cannot have any shares in the business but they can be the Manager in the license. The incorporation of a nursery involves 4 phases in total. The following are the steps in each phase clearly explained for your better understanding.

Things to consider before setting up a nursery License in Dubai

Here we are listing the terms and conditions that you should consider before starting this Nursery setup in Dubai.


The nursery must be established in a quiet and calm place away from all the noise and pollution.

  • No, asbestos should be on the premises.
  • Broken electrical wires and sockets must be replaced.
  • Do not overload the electrical power sockets.
  • The walls of the building that is going to serve as a nursery must be of concrete, and the use of portable cabins or wooden cabins is prohibited.
  • Make sure that the nursery School is child-proof and safe.
  • Any maintenance work in the nursery must be performed after the working hours

Rooms and Classrooms

The classrooms and other places must be adequately ventilated and should be well-lit. Walls, Floors, and ceilings must be clean and have no defects.

  • Each window in the nursery must be fitted with fine wire mesh to prevent bugs.
  • Furniture must be in excellent shape and condition as well as fit for a child to play around.
  • No usage of chalk is permitted in the classes. Use whiteboards and markers in the classes.
  • The nursery School must provide suitable sleeping space for children.
  • Children must be grouped according to their age to decrease the chances of bullying and other such inconveniences.

Activity Hall

  • A hall with suitable toys for the children to play must be available on the premises.
  • Toys must be appropriately sized so that it cannot be swallowed and be hazardous for the children.
  • The toys must be sterilized, cleaned, disinfected, and stored correctly.
  • Dubai’s child care laws ban the use of toys that contain magnets or high levels of electromagnetic energy.
  • The toys must be of the highest quality.


  • The Nursery playground must be safe, with proper shade where the child could rest.
  • Any sharp edges and hard areas must be enclosed.
  • The playground must be cleaned and sterilized regularly.

How to Open a Nursery in Dubai?

When it comes to the establishment process, there exist certain phases, which you need to follow in the Sequential order.

Phase 1: Approval from the Ministry of Education

  • Complete and submit the appliance form ( Personal information and project details)
  • Attend an initial meeting with representatives from the Ministry of Education
  • Submit a soft copy of the tutorial decides to the Ministry of Education for review.
  • Make modifications supported the review of the tutorial plan if applicable (Maximum 3 reviews)
  • Obtain initial approvals of the building following review of the ground plans by a licensed fire safety consultant (Before signing a lease agreement or building a purpose built nursery)

Phase 2: Approval from Civil Defense and Municipality

  • Submit the required documents (Approvals of the relevant authorities, Municipality and Civil Defense)
  • Facilities a visit from a MOE representative to get final approval for the building
  • Submit an application for the proposed nursery manager for approval
  • Obtain approval for nursery manager following MOE interview

Phase 3: Obtain License from the Department of Economic Development

This is the last phase where the following tasks need to be performed:

  • Apply and obtain Economic Department License
  • Apply for Work-Permit for Self
  • Feeds in information into the system regarding the Nursery Staff
  • Seek approvals for advertisements
  • Important notes for consideration

Nursery License in DubaiThe applicant should submit the business plan. The business plan is going to be reviewed by the department and approved. The business plan must include Executive summary, Leadership, Curriculum, Education and care practice, Facilities and resources, Arrangement for health, safety and Hygiene, Management, Marketing, and Financial plan and appendices

The activity you choose.

• The applicant must consider ratio requirement for the area, staffing, and facilities

• Adult: Child Ratio

• Area: Child Ratio for indoor area

• Area: Child Ration for outdoor/physical development area

• Toilets and changing room ratio requirement

What Are the Documents Required to line Up a Nursery License in Dubai?

To establish a Nursery in UAE, you would like to submit the below-mentioned documents.

  • Passport Copy of the entrepreneur
  • Owner’s educational profiles
  • Family Book Copy
  • Nursery License Application
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Photo of the entrepreneur
  • Appointment letter of the UAE local national as a Manager
  • Location and Drawing of the Nursery with proposed building address

Break-Up Cost of Nursery License  at Dubai

While opting for the Nursery License in Dubai, the following cost gets incurred:

DescriptionCost (AED)
Professional License Fees600.00
Government  Cultural Fees20.00
Administrative Fees50.00
Non-Trade Arabic Names (Emirates, Gulf, International, Abbreviation)Maximum Trade Name Fees2000.003000.00
Name Board Permission Fees350.00
Market Fees (5% of Building Rent)-depends on the tenancy amount5500.00
Public Waste Service Fees2000.00
Knowledge Fees (Municipality)20.00
Service Improvement Fees (Professional)80.00
Local Fees-Professional License100.00
Civil Defence Fees500.00
Total Cost11220.00

Apart from the costs mentioned above, there are separate costs that need to be borne while hiring an employee for the nursery.

The Cost to be incurred for Hiring Employees for the Nursery in Dubai

DescriptionCost (in AED)
Immigration Establishment CardThis card needs to be Prepared and Submitted at the Immigration Office, which will be issued within a span of 10 minutes.863
Labour Establishment CardThis card should be typed at the Tas’heel Centre and needs to be submitted at the Labour Office.2300
License Renewal Fees5000

The costs mentioned above need to incurred at the initial setup stage for setting up a Nursery in Dubai. Now, in the entire process of childcare company setup, the legal proceedings play a very important role. It is advised to take the helping hand of a business consultant who can help you in dealing with the legal proceedings. Apart from the legal domain the core pillars of business like Accounting, Audit, Visa services need to be taken care of that build a business. Are you looking for a helping hand? Don’t’ worry.

Points worth remembering

Do remember that your nursery director must be shortlisted and ready to start work as soon as your final approval is granted. So that your precious time can be saved. 

Moreover, the selected candidate must have a university degree in early childhood or education or early childhood leadership. And they must have some sort of professional certification as well. 

Starting a nursery business involves communicating and interacting with many governmental agencies and departments for approvals. And it would be an understatement to say that the procedure for Nursery setup in Dubai can get a little intimidating for someone new to the country.

Hence, getting help from a business setup consultant can be useful for entrepreneurs during such a situation. 

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