Company Formation in UAE
Start Business in Dubai

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 Start Business in Dubai and Support Services

Are you planning to start a business in Dubai or UAE? We can help you to set it up from the initial stages itself. Our team of professionals has exceptional knowledge and experience in start business in Dubai. It will begin from finding a reliable sponsor for your business, obtaining a license, and all the other formalities for the successful inception and fruitful operation of your business in UAE. Branches will also guide you regarding the best type of license depending on the choice of your business Setup Services in Dubai , Accounting Bookkeeping Services in Dubai and Website Designing Services in Dubai


Company Liquidation Services

Company liquidation, also known as company cancellation and company dissolution is a complicated task. You will require the support of an experienced agency for company liquidation. It involves tedious paperwork and approvals from various departments. Any error in the documentation or negotiation can affect you adversely. Therefore, the agency must be trustworthy too. The company has got to be registered primarily for liquidation. The shareholders, other parties, and governmental agencies will be a party in the process. The negotiations and discussions with parties will be bothersome for you since you lack the expertise. Our professionals will do the needful for you. They will forward the process in a well-formulated manner. Thus, accomplishing it in the best possible way.

Start business in Dubai

Start Business in Dubai

There are three types of business licenses in the UAE. Those are Mainland, Free Zone, and Offshore licenses. Each type of license has its pros and cons. It is essential to understand the best option for your business. Thereby, you can enhance the profit possibilities to the optimum. Our services for company formation in Dubai and UAE will be the right decision to start Business in Dubai your dream journey.

Business Setup UAE

Our team of qualified consultants will be able to help you every step of the way and advise what options best suit your needs. We are able to provide complete business setup, so you can land and go, or we can just arrange for you to have a MENA branch through our network of local license providers.

Local Knowledge

Need to carry out local market research before making the commitment? We have an expanding team of market research specialists who can compile a report on the entire MENA region with regards to where your product sits and send it all over, without you having to leave your office.

Free Zone Company Formation

Business Setup is not an easy job to pull for a country of many international companies don’t entry certain country because of hard rules and regulation they pose on foreign firms. Accounting and Bookkeeping services also provide BCM corporate Services LLC 

Company Formation in Dubai

Dubai has been the foremost wanted destination for business organizations across the world. it’s played a pivotal role within the growth of a number of the foremost prominent business firms. The federal laws within the United Arab Emirates are conducive for the commencement of companies. Hence, Dubai is the best choice for anyone dreaming of an excellent future in business.

The city with well-developed and superior infrastructure facilities offers the simplest atmosphere for businesses. With regulations that are advantageous for the firms to realize boundless profit and prosper, the influx of ex-pats to start business operations in Dubai has been increasing rapidly. you’ll establish a Mainland, freeport, or Offshore Company in Dubai.


Let our consultants help decide the best solution for you.

Once we choose the right fit for you, we can start to process your applications.

We keep you updated every step of the way, whilst your applications are under process.

We provide you with an office, staff and leads if required as well as all the after sales support you need

Licensing Services

Every firm must possess a business license for operating within the UAE. The procedure for acquiring a business Setup Services license in UAE will include approvals from ministries and departments consistent with the sort of business. There are three sorts of business licenses, viz. Mainland, Freeport, and Offshore licenses. Mainland business has three more types, Commercial License, Professional License, and Industrial License. The official formalities towards license need to be followed judiciously to make sure receipt of license in time. All the documents submitted need to be translated into Arabic by an authorized agency. Any irregularity or discrepancy within the certificates and application may result in rejection of the request. Hence, the utmost care has got to be taken whilst filling the forms and submitting those to the ministries and departments. Our professionals will get all the work done on behalf of you, during a time-bound manner.

Visa Services

UAE offers differing types of visas supported your purpose of visit, like business visa, tourist visa, employment visa then on. Our major visa services encompass tourist visa, investor visa, work visa, family visa, business visa, maid visa, and more. you want to possess an entry permit, UAE card, and resident visa before applying for a piece permit or labor card. Several offices and departments are involved in the processing and issuance of a visa. The submission of forms in Arabic, obtaining signatures and approvals could also be tiresome for you. Being one among the foremost reputed visa services, you’ll assign it to us unconcerned. Our team will perform the task as quickly as possible and deliver you the visa within the shortest possible time.

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Sponsorship Services

Finding an area Emirati as your sponsor, for business found out in Dubai, maybe a daunting process. The local sponsor must be reliable and dependable. All the legal formalities and ownership agreements are going to be on the sponsor’s name. BCM will provide you with the foremost credible sponsor for your business formation in Dubai. With our assurance, you’ll forget all the apprehensions about the sponsor. And wholly specialize in the event of your business. Consult our professional representative today to understand more about our sponsorship services.

Bank Account opening

You need to open a company account for company formation in Dubai. The process will involve the submission of documents proving your identity, license details, and authority of your firm and other related approvals. Even though the procedure is uncomplicated, it can turn problematic at times. BCM Corporate has close tie-ups and relations with all the elite banks within the UAE. We can assist you in opening a corporate bank account. Our team will prepare all the documents required for the account and forward the process. You can remain stress-free, while our representative undertakes the method for you.

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Finance Services

You have accompanied high hopes for business formation in Dubai.  Money shouldn’t be a hindrance to realize your goal. Our major financial services include accounting and bookkeeping, VAT registration and VAT return filing, Audit services, CFO services, Tax services, and more. we’ve our exclusive finance services for those that want support to line up a business within the UAE. Our easy to get and hassle-free service has been serving the clients for a long. There are not any complications or unnecessary fees involved in the process of monetary services. 

Office Space Services

It is important to have an office and commercial space of stipulated dimensions to start a business in Dubai. The officials from competent authority will inspect the space before issuing a license for business set up in UAE. It will be advantageous if you’ll acquire office and commercial space at an inexpensive rate. You can assign us for locating the simplest office and commercial space that suits your business. We will get you space in the area most suitable for your business to prosper. With extensive experience in delivering the optimal office spaces for various firms, 

Brand Protection Services

Intellectual property registration is important surely sorts of business. We will assist you to preserve your brand and its Brand Protection specialties. Our brand protection services ensure that the intellectual property of business organizations and individuals is not stolen or misused. BCM Corporate undertake Industrial Property protection of Trademarks, inventions, formulae, etc. . Bcm Corporate undertake the official formalities for brand protection in a responsible manner.  Our team will perform the required procedure as per federal laws within the UAE. 

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PRO Services

Company formation in UAE would require the conclusion of varied governmental formalities and legal documents. A liaison officer authorized by the government processes all the documents for the approvals and authorizations. Only an experienced representative can act as well-oiled machinery to accomplish it quickly.  It will include acts that are employee-oriented and business-related. Tell us about your requirement. And we will get it done for you without any delay. Our PRO services make company formation in Dubai and Accounting  Services as convenient as possible.


Unlike some of the other service providers in the region, we understand the value of our clients and provide continuous support, free of charge. We are there with you every step of the way and will always provide the best option for you, not the priciest.