Fruits and Vegetable Trading Company setup in Dubai

Fruits and Vegetable Trading Company setup in Dubai

Fruits and Vegetable Trading Company Setup in Dubai

Fruits and Vegetable Trading Company setup in Dubai. Dubai has a huge market for both the fruits and vegetables as domestic production is on a lower side and The consumer base & demand of consumption is continuously increasing day by day in UAE, so this sector of Business having the huge opportunity for Business growth as having demand for Fruits and Vegetable company setup in Dubai from almost every part of the world, with people having different tastes as per their culture.

As such a number of reputed companies are working in this field. Selling fresh fruits and vegetables can be a business or a full-time operation if you live in a milder region that produces produce year-round. Not only do you make money from selling what you grow or acquire from local farmers, but you also provide customers with the fruits and vegetables they need to put healthy meals on their tables.

Why should you do fruits and vegetable Company setup in Dubai

Fruits and VegetableInvestors and Businessmen should take this opportunity to do business in Dubai for Fruits and Vegetable Trading  Business in Dubai, As in Dubai we can see people residing from almost more then 195 Plus countries and having demands of different types of fruits and Vegetable Trading because of Huge consumption. In Dubai, people love to reside as being extremely good in infrastructure, Transparent in rules & Regulation, supporting all kinds of fruits and vegetable trading businesses in Dubai.

The strong and reliable banking system

fruits and vegetable trading business setup in Dubai

Business can have Multiple currency Bank Accounts which provide ease of doing business in Remitting Money to other countries in the most favorable currency to save Money Currency exchange fees.

Rules & Regulation is transparent & Business supportive.

Most of the Free Free zones allow the company to have 100%  foreign capital and zero tax 

Many areas of continuous development and innovation to support the business Fruits and Vegetable company Setup in the Dubai community to expand Business.

Dubai is nowadays a Hub for Commercial and Finacial Business Activity as we can see most of the transactions happen throughout Dubai & UAE Because of the good Logistics system and connectivity across the globe.

Dubai & UAE is witnessing the residents or People from across the Globe because of Job opportunity & Business Opportunity which increases the Purchasing Power of Individuals and also of Low inflation cost of living which provides a Higher Standard of Living.

Good Connecting across the globe Via seaports and airports- which makes exporting/importing of goods fast and economical.

Dubai is one of the best places for international trade among the GCC & MENA regions.

Documents required to DO import & export in Dubai:

Fruits and Vegetable Trading Company Setup in Dubai

Firstly, Fruits and Vegetable Trading License Should be there.

Fruits and Vegetable Trading Company should be Approved and Registered in Dubai Municipality 

All goods imported into Dubai must have important documents. Accordingly, to be cleared of fruits and vegetable, there must be the necessary documents as follows:

including sea waybill (for fruits and vegetable) or air waybill (for air cargo) )

certificate of origin, and documents issued by the competent authorities of the exporting country or certified by the embassy of Dubai.

Proforma invoice and contract of sales-purchase.

Specification of product which Fruits and Vegetable company setup in Dubai specify the usage,

manufacturer name, importer, the composition of the product, date of manufacture, and expiry date.

Sales-purchase contract between exporter and exporter.

Packing list of the exporters’ goods and fruits and vegetable

Documents Required for Fruits and Vegetable Company formation in Dubai 

Passport copy of the Shareholders / Visa or Tourist Visa / Emirates ID as applicable.

5 Choices of Trade Name/company name

NOC  from an employer if having Active UAE  Residence Visa 

External Approvals Fruits and Vegetable Trading Company setup in Dubai 

Dubai Municipality Approval will be required.

Process for fruits and Vegetable Trading Company setup in Dubai  :

Name Reservation (think of 5 company names based on priority we will reserve the one available )

Initial Approval

Memorandum of Association notarizing at Dubai public notary (MOA & Investor or their authorized signatories must be present ) this will take a couple of hours or less.

Office Lease agreement &  Ejari to be arranged by investor


Even though all the free trade zones are inside of the territory of Dubai and UAE but usually they are considered outside the scope of the UAE customs territory. They must follow certain conditions and requirements in order to conduct fruits and vegetable business in UAE free zone provided they get approval from respective free zone Authority, If not then investors can register Fruits and Vegetable Trading  Business Setup in Dubai Mainland LLC License.

Dubai’s fruit and vegetable Trading business is lately seeing a gradual rise.  There is a niche for everyone wanting to start a fruits and vegetable business in Dubai. However, you must keep in mind that you wish to trade will have a bearing on the cost of your custom. To ensure you are Branches with the right of information, we at Branches can help you understand A to Z of fruits and vegetable business in the UAE. Contact us today for further information.

fruits and vegetable trading activities are considered among the most

vital and important activities for the Dubai economy 

The symbols of its progress and prosperity.

Dubai has become the international business hub of trade in the Middle

East, especially with regards to the trading of fruits and vegetable with substantial

quantities imported fruits and vegetables and exported fruits and vegetables through its ports each year.

Such high volume of trade fruits and vegetable trading could not be controlled without

establishing proper fruits and vegetable  control procedures enforced by and

active, efficient & effective food control authority. This authority

aims at guaranteeing the safety and quality of imported & reexported fruits and vegetable, while ensuring simple & prompt procedures and

transactions to facilitate fruits and vegetable trade.

Fruits and Vegetable Trading Company setup in Dubai

 Dubai Municipality has always been 

on the upgrading of fruits and vegetable trading  its control authorities to  with the development

of the Emirate. To achieve this goal of business, the Municipality has capitalized

on its valuable potentials fruits and vegetable – in terms of staff & technologies – and

utilized its  accumulated experience to lead the region

in this regard. It has resulted in establishing a department which

is dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of the consumer fruits and vegetable trading

through applying the most suitable standards and specification of the company contact

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