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 Economic Zones World Free Port The United Arab Emirates Headquartered is in Dubai there is an Economic Zones World  free port is committed to the ownership, operation, management, and development of trade zones and industrial parks under the Dubai World Group. This free port was established in 2006 with the aim of providing a strong network of infrastructure platforms of such zones and parks across the world with an objective to increase and help boost the expansion of this International Free Zone. EZW operates as a subsidiary of DP World FZE and may be a responsible and socially committed world organization that aims to deploy its evolving dynamic and customer-centric business models to grow and maintain a sustainable society wherever it operates while achieving quality commercial success for its corporate ventures. The free port is currently operating within the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe, and therefore the Americas.

Businesses Established in EZW

The spanning of EZW's business added various major companies in it and thus fostered the expansion very rapidly. EZW's current portfolio comprises many renowned regions, including:

  • Jebel Ali free port (JAFZA) – one among the world’s largest free zones
  • Techno Park – A research-driven business and tract
  • Dubai Auto Zone – An automobile industry-specific free port

Key Benefits of fixing a corporation in EZW

  • 100% tax exemption
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • Minimal renewal fee
  • Provision to have a checking account
  • The flexibility of property ownership
  • No restrictions for completing multiple businesses
  • Types of Company Formation in EZW

Free port Company (FZCO)

This type of company requires a minimum of two shareholders for its incorporation.

Free port Establishment (FZE)

This type of company is often established by a sole proprietor or corporate shareholder.

Branch Office

If you want to get down with the locals and want to work directly then you may establish your own office in EZW as a branch office.

Types of Licenses in EZW

General License

This type of license is for goods that need special permission.

Trading License

This type of license is employed for the import and export of products.

Industrial License

This type of license is employed for manufacturing, processing, packaging companies.

Service License

This type of license is issued to companies that affect consultancy, medical services, accountancy, etc.

Why found out a corporation in EZW?

Economic Zones World (EZW) and alongside its subsidiaries, develops and operates economic zones, technology, logistics, and industrial parks. It also develops, sells, leases warehouse and provides facility management services. The free port offers a platform for international investors to determine their businesses in these zones. This acts as an eye-opener for many investors who wants to realize international exposure. EZW focuses on building an ideal network system to ease out business activities worldwide.

Economic Zones World has been awarded the ISO certificate for Business Continuity Management Systems (BCMS). EZW’s preparedness you get this certification that demonstrates in implementing, planning, reviewing, monitoring, continually and maintaining improving EZW’s document management system. This also includes periodic improvements to the systems in protecting, responding and recovering from emergency incidents once they occur.

If you’re looking forward to fixing your business here, you’re on the proper track; and our advisors at Branches are here to assist you with the drill. We at Branches plan to take care of all the hurdles lying in your way while forming your business and shall be quite happy to help you and be a neighbourhood of your success journey.

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Many freelancers and solo entrepreneurs are drawn to Freezone Services for Business Formation in UAE, DAFZA by its convenient and cost-effective flexi-desk option – affording users flexible access to desk space and other office services, such as conference room hire and reception cover on an ad-hoc basis. One of the many benefits of DAFZA’s flexi-desk offering comes in the shape of visa support. The Dubai Airport Freezone DAFZA Authority will assist you in obtaining the correct visa to be able to set up your company and work in Dubai whenever you wish to make use of your desk spacein DAFZA


Dubai Airport Freezone DAFZA prides itself on making business easy. And its streamlined business setup process certainly does that. DAFZA supports entrepreneurs closely through each stage of the setup process, from deciding on the type of business you wish to run and choosing the appropriate licence, to fitting and furnishing your office. This ensures you are up and running and able to conduct your business activities in the free zone in no time.


One of the biggest selling points of Freezone Services for Business Formation in UAE, DAFZA is the wide range of business activities that can be set up there. Almost all activities as listed by the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) – aside from general trading – are welcome. This includes media, health, transport, cargo, e-commerce and consultancy, to name just six. Freezone Services for Business Formation in UAE, DAFZA is particularly popular with cargo and import/export businesses, and with those companies providing services to those industries, due to its close proximity to Dubai International Airport.


As well as offering first-class business facilities, DAFZA also assists with obtaining the requisite permits and paperwork for dependents and staff of the entrepreneur setting up in the free zone. DAFZA supports business owners in processing all the visas, residence permits and healthcare cards they need, as well as ensuring that all the medical and other documentation needed for company staff is fully completed. Where family members are concerned, DAFZA also helps company owners and managers to obtain visas for any dependents that may require them.


Freezone Services for Business Formation in UAE, DAFZA is not only popular with small businesses and solo entrepreneurs. As DAFZA registration allows for multiple shareholders, businesses of all sizes call it home. Shareholders can be individuals or companies and each free zone business can register up to five.


There’s no doubt that Dubai Airport Freezone Authority’s strategic location is a big part of its pull for entrepreneurs from all over the world. Located in the heart of Dubai – the UAE’s business hub – the free zone is ideally placed to do business with both East and West. It’s no coincidence that Indian and German companies are among the most prominent investors in the free zone. DAFZA’s location next to Dubai International Airport positions it perfectly for any business that would benefit from highly integrated transport links – including import/export, distribution and storage businesses.


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