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Government of Dubai inaugurated Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone in 2014 with the purpose of innovation, development, and design in the field of nanotechnology, photovoltaic, electronics optoelectronic technology, and supporting industries providing equipment and materials for the production of information and communications technologies using semiconductors. In UAE it is the only technology park to provide integrated living and working community.

Dubai Silicon Oasis Free ZoneDubai Silicon Oasis was set up as a global and collaborative initiative to facilitate and promote modern technology based industries in the Middle East and provide the world’s best business climate in the form of highly educated personnel and access to shared capital to the entire electronics value chain.

Dubai Silicon Oasis covered 7.2 square kilometres area marvellously governed by Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA) and enjoys advanced public, industrial, living & residential, commercial, and education facilities. Main goal of Dubai Silicon oasis is to attract companies engaged in Semiconductor Manufacturing, Microelectronics, Electronic Manufacturing Systems, Fabless IC Design, Test & Assembly, and opto electronics related entity.

Dubai Silicon Oasis is tactically located in Dubai at the trade junction of Europe & Asia and easily accessible from Dubai’s International Airport, Port Rashid & Jebel Ali Port, and central business district making it a popular investment destination. Dubai Silicon Oasis has lived up to its expected as a diversified economic strategic corridor and has transformed UAE into a knowledge based economy by positively impacting almost all economic sectors includes trade, finance, employment, and banking services.

Business Setup In Dubai Silicon Oasis FREE ZONE

Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone provides a wide range of incentives to companies operating and additional benefits like full ownership, high tech IT network, and eco friendly environment designed specifically for the technology industry. Business setup in Dubai silicon oasis is a dream project for everyone anyone associated with the technology domain, and popular global companies have their presence in Dubai including Fujitsu, AMD, Nortel Networks, Henkel, Philips, Schneider Electric, Wavetec, Synopsys, and Western Digital.

The dynamic commercial and social environment of Dubai Silicon Oasis give the Business setup a substantial boost and presence of advanced office towers, industrial zones, R&D units, villas & apartments, healthcare units, and educational institutions. The DSO facilities include:

Why DSO for Business Formation?

There are hundreds of reasons to setup your business in Dubai Silicon Oasis due to excellent business infrastructure and some of the reason are:

Types of Legal Entities in Dubai Silicon Oasis​

Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone Company Formation

DSO offers a lucrative value chain to investors in the form of multiple incentives and allows an individual or a corporate entity to register a business in any of the following legal forms:

Free Zone Establishment

Free Zone Establishment, It can be done with an individual or a company with the minimum investment of AED 100000.

Free Zone Company

It need 2 to 5 shareholders companies or individual with the minimum investment of AED 100000 for company formation.

Branch of a Company

Any business can open their branch with DSO only one condition that it conducts the same business activity as the parent company

Business SetUp Process in Dubai Silicon Oasis

Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone Company Formation : There is a lot to do for business incorporation in DSO, like choosing appropriate legal business structures, deciding the business activity, getting required staff, creating a detailed business plan, etc. If you possess knowledge on DSOA rules and regulations that it is easy for you to form a company and plan their business decisions but the difficult part to be sure that all the procedures are followed in accordance to the UAE laws with a slight error can elongate the business set up process unnecessarily. Therefore, help from a reliable professional for business setup like Branches is worth every penny because we are familiar with the required legal formalities related to employment, capital requirements, getting the office or residential space on lease, business registration, and dispute resolution, licensing, getting the visa with the help of experts we make this process very easy and less time consuming.,

Type of License issued in Dubai Silicon Oasis

There are three types of business licenses are issued in Dubai Silicon Oasis by the DSOA:

Service License :

It Allows the companies certain services under the authority by the DSOA

Industrial License :

It Allows the registered business to import and export raw material, manufacture, process, assemble, package.

Trade License :

This license Allows the registered business to import, export, and deliver the products that come under the license.

Business Licensing Segments in DSO

DSO has become a hub for companies belonging to the semiconductor sector, both regionally and internationally.
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A major factor behind the popularity of DSOA is its seamless setup service. The free zone offers fast-track business licencing with the entire application process taking no more than seven days – licence and lease agreements are usually issued within just two days of submitting your legal documents and payment. As for the exact documents you’ll need, DSOA usually requires a completed application form, letter of intent, shareholder passport copies, a no objection certificate (NOC for UAE residents only), a bank statement, and a business plan. Licences start at just AED 18,700.


Although Dubai Silicon Oasis is geared largely towards the IT sector, and describes itself as helping to ‘facilitate and promote modern technology based industries’ – the free zone is open to a wide variety of business types. DSOA issues service, trade and industrial licences to companies from all Department of Economic Development (DED) listed industries, plus IT. This puts organisations from sectors as diverse as technology, construction and agriculture under one roof – creating perfect conditions for collaboration and skill-sharing from one field to another.


While taking some form of office or desk space is a mandatory requirement, Dubai Silicon Oasis offers a broad range of setup options so you won’t feel tied down. The free zone’s flexi-desk package allows entrepreneurs use of its state-of-the art business facilities on an ad-hoc basis and comes with a maximum of three visas. As for more permanent premises, there is plenty on offer – from offices to warehouse space and open land for development.


As well as the flexi-desk package allowing for three visas, taking office or warehouse space in DSOA also enables you to set up with multiple visas. The only caveat being the more visas you wish to apply for, the more space you’ll be required to take – the rule is one visa for every nine sq ft of office or warehouse space.


As well as applying for plenty of visas for your employees, it’s also very straightforward to sponsor your dependants for their visa applications as well. Whether you require a visa for a spouse, child, maid or driver, the process is four straightforward stages: entry permit, status adjustment, a medical fitness test, then Emirates ID registration and visa stamping. Keep in mind, however, that the sponsoring process is usually slightly easier for men than women. Given this is such an important procedure it’s a good idea to get advice from an expert in setting up UAE free zone businesses – to ensure that before starting an application, both you and those you are hoping to sponsor meet the entry criteria.


Setting up a free zone establishment in DSOA allows you to go it alone and maintain sole control of your business. If, however, you wish to set up with a partner – or partners – you also have that option. For that, Dubai Silicon Oasis allows you to establish a free zone company (as opposed to a free zone establishment) with anywhere between two and five shareholders – these can be either individuals, corporate entities or a combination of the two.


DSOA’s robust auditing and bookkeeping requirements make it one of the most respected free zones among banks and other professional institutions. However, while auditing and bookkeeping is mandatory, that’s not to say it’s excessive. All businesses registered in the free zone must simply submit yearly books and undergo an annual audit.


To set up in Dubai Silicon Oasis you simply need to deposit AED 10,000 paid upfront in share capital. This low barrier to entry – at around USD 2,700 – is yet another reason why DSOA is so popular with first-time entrepreneurs.


Once you’ve received your licence and established your business in Dubai Silicon Oasis, you’re ready to set up your corporate bank account. The application process is quick and simple. DSOA staff can advise on the best bank to suit your needs – and can even arrange meetings in-branch for you, should you wish. A company formation specialist can also provide the same service – or alternatively, you’re welcome to approach any local or international bank by your own volition.


Dubai Silicon Oasis prides itself on being an ‘integrated city within a city’ – meaning you can work here and live here too. As well as state-of-the-art office and business support services, DSOA also offers a wide range of residences for lease or purchase – from luxury villas to stylish apartments. The free zone is also home to everything you need from a local community, including shops, restaurants and a number of other education, service and leisure facilities – making it the ideal place to both live and work in the heart of Dubai.


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Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone Company Formation

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