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Dubai Flower Centre Free port is that the new hub for the expansion of the floriculture industry in Dubai. it’s located near Dubai International Airport and is established to satisfy the requirements of the developing floriculture center within the country. The flower center’s first phase was finished within the year 2004 at a price of $50 million. the development isn’t yet completed and can continue in two more phases. 

At present the Dubai Flower Centre has 19 tenants coming from 11 countries and is predicted to serve two billion consumers once fully operational. Thus, Dubai Flower Center’s free port aside from increasing the country’s revenue and offering jobs to the locals also allows people from other countries to require part within the industry.Dubai Flower Centre Free port


The global trade of flowers and perishables and with the explosive growth within there’s an increasing demand for commercial solutions to enable the industry to scale back transit times and innovative logistics, improve quality, and grow profits. Hence, the Dubai Flower Centre has been established to satisfy of these needs and is committed to delivering all its objectives.

Benefits of fixing a Business in Dubai
Dubai Flower Centre Free port

  • Situated at the Dubai International Airport
  • 100%t import and export tax exemption
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • No currency restrictions Dubai Flower Centre Free port
  • Increased connection to and from major global trading points and increased capacity
  • Facilitates and support to enable efficient commercial transactions
  • 100% foreign ownership Dubai Flower Centre Free port

Business Activities Allowed in DFC
Dubai Flower Centre Free port

Any activity associated with perishable items like flori culture, horticulture, fruits & vegetables, etc. is allowed in DFC. The free port also allows:

  • Trading Dubai Flower Centre Free port
  • Logistics Dubai Flower Centre Free port
  • Retail Dubai Flower Centre Free port

Types of Business Entities in DFC
Dubai Flower Centre Free port

  • Free zone Establishment
  • Free zone company
  • Branch of a far off company

Types of Licenses Issued in DFC
Dubai Flower Centre Free port

There are two sorts of licenses issued in DFC:

  • Trading License
  • Service License

How to find out a Business in DFC?
Dubai Flower Centre Free port

Dubai Flower Centre Free portAs said earlier, since DFC offers jobs to the locals and also allows people from other countries to require part within the industry aside from increasing countries’ revenue, it’s quite natural that a lot of businessmen are interested in this free port. Business setup in Dubai free port is comparatively easy and straight-forward once you’re conscious of all the legalities. The steps to register your business in DFC are as follows:

Filling & Reviewing the appliance Form

Companies wishing to line up their business in DFC must fill out a form attached with documents for the authorities to review an equivalent. Once the appliance is received, the Dubai free port authorities will look around the corporate background, proposed business activities, space requirements, etc. and can then issue a Preliminary Letter of Approval (or a letter indicating that an application has been declined) within 30 days of getting received an application, unless additional information is required from the applicant.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

The approved applicants are going to be sent a Provisional Approval Letter, along side a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), outlining the essential terms and requirements of operating within the Dubai Flower Centre free port. Between the Dubai Flower Centre and applicant companies the MOU will act as a preliminary of the agreement. The applicants should fax back the MOU, endorsing their acceptance, within ten days of receiving it.

Submit the Legal Documents

Upon receiving the Provisional Letter of Approval, the applicant should forward the specified legal documents within 30 days to make the sure the reservation of office/warehouse space and registration of the proposed entity.

Documentation Review and Final Approval

Upon receiving the documents, a final approval letter are going to be forwarded to the applicant within fortnight alongside the lease agreement and an invoice covering the Trade License Registration Fee and first year’s rentals. The applicants should fax back to the Dubai Flower Centre the ultimate approval letter, endorsing their acceptance within one week.

Lease Agreement and License Issuance

The applicants must assign a licensed signatory who will sign the lease agreement and collect the trade license. Payment of the invoice covering the trade license registration fee and first year’s rental must be received before or in parallel with the aforementioned step. this could occur within one month of acceptance of the ultimate approval letter.

Once you complete all the above steps, you’ll start together with your day-to-day business dealings.

Documents Required to line Up a Business in DFC
Dubai Flower Centre Free port

  • Completed Dubai Flower Centre form
  • A brochure of the corporate (if available)
  • The company’s annual financial report for the last three years (if available)
    Business plan

Why found out a corporation in DFC?
Dubai Flower Centre Free port

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, DFC offers variety of facilities to the companies operating in their free port, like, rapid consolidation and trans-shipment, world-renowned cool chain management and facilities to accommodate efficient commercial transactions, to not mention a variety of free port incentives.

BCM Corporate Services Can Help You !


With any company formation in Dubai, visas are always going to be a consideration and while Dubai Media City certainly delivers on this front it has to be said its flexi-desk visa options are not the most generous in the region. Allowing one visa per flexi-desk package makes the free zone ideal for freelancers and solo entrepreneurs –Dubai Flower Centre Free port allowing them the freedom to make use of DMC’s many business facilities on an ad-hoc basis. However, it’s not the best option for those looking to employ others. As for price, at AED 25,000 it’s a little higher than others in the region.Dubai Flower Centre Free port


For those who want to work even more flexibly than a flexi-desk,DMCC Free Zone Business Setup allows businesses to set up without the need to take office space at all. As well as being able to use the free zone as your company’s registered address, you’ll also get access to Dubai Media City’s Business Centre which offers visa and document processing, mail collection and distribution, and access to meeting rooms among a wide range of services.There are exceptions, however. Businesses that trade in specific industries such as publishing or other regulated activities must take on physical office space to set up in the free zone. If you fall into that category or simply prefer a more permanent office presence, there are plenty of options available – DMCC Free Zone Business Setup commercial office units come in sizes to suit everyone from solo entrepreneurs to multinational corporations.


Company formation in Dubai is not to be taken lightly. The Dubai Media City process is both flexible and thorough enough to ensure everything is in correct order once your business is up and running. DMCC Free Zone Business Setuprequires a number of documents to process a licence application, including passport copies, a certificate of incorporation and a detailed business plan. It is not unusual for shareholders to be asked to attend a brief meeting with free zone officials too. In all, the registration process usually takes around three months. Having said that, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ application process, so the exact requirements and timeframe will differ depending on the type of licence you’re applying for, the industry you trade in and the size of your business.Dubai Flower Centre Free port


As the names suggests, Dubai Media City is particularly attractive to those in media-related industries. And with good reason. DMCC Free Zone Business Setup is home to a media community of over 20,000 professionals and packed with networking and collaborative opportunities. The free zone also offers a prestigious office address and location for those wishing to make a splash in the global media industry.The free zone also offers a prestigious office address and location for those wishing to make a splash in the global media industry.Industries permitted to set up in DMCC Free Zone Business Setupinclude media and marketing, encompassing advertising and communications, event management, consultancy, media freelancers and non-profit associations. Finally, unlike many other free zones in the region, DMCC Free Zone Business Setup based media companies are, in some circumstances, allowed to take on government contracts.


Company formation in Dubai, like anywhere else in the world brings with it a long list of ‘to-dos’. One of the most important is ensuring you have somewhere for your clients to send funds. DMCC Free Zone Business Setup makes this particular task easy: not only can free zone staff advise on the best bank to suit your needs but they’ll also arrange for meetings with your chosen financial institutions if required. What’s more, Dubai Media City is rated by UAE banks as highly trustworthy which can only aid a smooth account opening process.


Obtaining a visa through Dubai Media City is usually rather straightforward – both for you and your dependents. Providing you meet certain obligations, it is possible to apply for additional visas for your staff and family. The process is quick and easy: entry permit, status adjustment, medical fitness test, then Emirates ID registration and visa stamping. But it’s a good idea to get advice from an expert in setting up UAE free zone businesses. They will help you make sure that before you start an application, both you (and those you’re hoping to sponsor) meet the entry criteria.


One factor that makes Dubai Media City particularly popular with large corporations is that it allows company formation with more than one shareholder. Newly established Free Zone Limited Liability Companies (FZ-LLCs) are allowed multiple shareholders which can be either individuals or corporate entities.Dubai Flower Centre Free port


Dubai Media City is one of the most centrally located free zones in Dubai. Just 20 minutes from Dubai International Airport and with extensive road links putting neighbouring emirates within easy reach, DMCC Free Zone Business Setup is perfect for doing business both at home and abroad. Dubai Flower Centre Free port


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