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Dubai Airport Freezone Company FormationDubai Airport Freezone Company Formation  is a place for more than 1600 companies from all around the world doing business in UAE. DAFZA was inaugurated in the year 1996 as a strategic plan of the UAE government to push Dubai as an investment driven economy. In Dubai one of the fastest growing free zones in Dubai Airport Freezone. Several business industries present in DAFZA,

 like aviation, pharmaceuticals, freight & logistics, engineering, IT & telecommunications, food & beverage, jewellery, and cosmetics. With the help of Dubai Airport Free Zone which is located next to Dubai International Airport which helps various industries established in DAFZA. Dubai Airport Free Zone Company Formation vigorous growth derive great benefits for international investors through the free trade zone’s excellent tax and investment incentives.

Licensing and Registration of all businesses are handled and managed by DAFZA it works as a regulatory body in Dubai Airport Free Zone. DAFZA has a geographical advantage as it serves as a bridge between the Middle East and the African Markets along with Europe and other parts of Asia. DAFZA provides an excellent opportunity for new businesses that are willing to establish their presence in Dubai and in the United Arab Emirates.Dubai Airport Free zone Company Formation

Benefits of Dubai Airport Freezone Company Formation

The Companies establish under DAFZA has many advantages. Here are some of them:

A list of licenses Available in DAFZA
Dubai Airport Freezone Company Formation

Companies willing to start their business under DAFZA can opt from any of the 4 business licenses and start their operations. DAFZA has and an option of dual licensing.The different types of business licenses are:

Trade License : Dubai Airport Freezone Company Formation

Trade license Provide trading activities including import, export, re-export, storage and distribution of products. You need to get a trade license in order to execute these activities in Dubai Airport Free Zone

Service License : Dubai Airport Freezone Company Formation

A service license is given to the companies who provide services comes under the DAFZA service license the businesses who have service oriented business need this license

Industrial License : Dubai Airport Freezone Company Formation

A businessperson who is willing to carry light manufacturing industrial activities, packaging and assembling can opt for an industrial license

General Trading License : Dubai Airport Freezone Company Formation

If you want to trade in Dubai Airport Free Zone you need a General trade license in Dubai that allows it allows the holder to trade in general activities including import, export, re-export, distribute and store. You can trade in more than 2 product categories if you have a general trade license

Legitimate Legal Entities in DAFZA
Dubai Airport Freezone Company Formation

Only 2 type of legal entities has a permit from DAFZA to establish their operation in this Dubai free zone:

1. Free Zone Establishment (FZE)

Requirements need to be fulfilled by the Free Zone establishments:

  • It should have between 1 to 50 shareholders (it can be an individual or a corporate body
  • The minimum capital required is AED 1,000
  • AED 1000 is the denomination of each share
  • 2. Branch Office of an Existing Company

    No minimum capital is required for any foreign company that wants to open its branch office in the Dubai Airport Free Zone.Dubai Airport Freezone Company Formation

    Business Setup Process in Dubai Airport Freezone

    DAFZA has a systematic process of company registration in the Dubai Airport Free Zone. The process is easy to understand and simple which makes it nuisance free for companies to start their business in DAFZ. You can open your company in DAFZ with following three simple steps:Dubai Airport Freezone Company Formation

    1. Choose your Business Entity, License, and Facility

    First you need to select your legal business entities, i.e., a Branch Office or a Free Zone Establishment.After you select your business the nest thing is to choose your business license Dubai Airport Free Zone Company Formation
    The next choice would be selecting a facility for your business location. A varied range of business offices, fitted office spaces, light industrial units and co-working spaces for your business provided by DAFZA.Dubai Airport Free Zone Company Formation

    2. Submit your Documents Dubai Airport Freezone Company Formation

    You need to submit the following documents for company formation in Dubai Airport Free Zone to DAFZA:

  • Application formYour existing company brochure (if available)Copy of shareholder(s)’ passport and CV
  • Annual financial report or shareholder(s)’ 6-month bank statement (not applicable for new registration)
  • Original bank reference letter for each shareholder
  • Initial approval(s) from the third-party authorities in case your business activity requires such approvals, e.g., for media,
  • A letter of no objection by the current sponsor
  • IT, pharmaceutical companies, etc.

  • *Note: It a long so it might take 2 to 4 weeks.

    3. Get Your Business License Dubai Airport Freezone Company Formation

    Before starting your business operation the step for your company formation in DAFZ: Dubai Airport Free Zone Company Formationsign the lease agreement Pay of fees and collect business license Our Part One of the most cardinal places for starting a business in the industrial sector is Dubai Airport Freezone in the UAE and

    trade in the International Markets of Europe, Africa, and Asia. Branches is your one stop shop for business setup in Dubai Free Zones. Our team of excellent consultants takes the heavy load from you by taking care of your company registration, business license, a spot in the best business facility, managing your banking operations for you, business taxation, and VAT registration. Contact us and we’ll be glad to assist you in setting up your business in DAFZ.

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    Many freelancers and solo entrepreneurs are drawn to Freezone Services for Business Formation in UAE, DAFZA by its convenient and cost-effective flexi-desk option – affording users flexible access to desk space and other office services, such as conference room hire and reception Dubai Airport Free zone Company Formation cover on an ad-hoc basis. One of the many benefits of DAFZA’s flexi-desk offering comes in the shape of visa support. The Dubai Airport Freezone DAFZA Authority will assist you in obtaining the correct visa to be able to set up your company and work in Dubai whenever you wish to make use of your desk spacein DAFZA

    2. EASY SETUP:

    Dubai Airport Freezone DAFZA prides itself on making business easy. And its streamlined business setup process certainly does that. DAFZA supports entrepreneurs closely through each stage of the setup process,Dubai Airport Freezone Company Formation from deciding on the type of business you wish to run and choosing the appropriate licence, to fitting and furnishing your office. This ensures you are up and running and able to conduct your business activities in the free zone in no time.


    One of the biggest selling points of Freezone Services for Business Formation in UAE, DAFZA is the wide range of business activities that can be set up there. Almost all activities as listed by the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) – aside from general trading – are welcome.Dubai Airport Freezone Company Formation This includes media, health, transport, cargo, e-commerce and consultancy, to name just six. Freezone Services for Business Formation in UAE, DAFZA is particularly popular with cargo and import/export businesses, and with those companies providing services to those industries, due to its close proximity to Dubai International Airport.


    As well as offering first-class business facilities, DAFZA also assists with obtaining the requisite permits and paperwork for dependents and staff of the entrepreneur setting up in the freezone. DAFZA supports business owners in processing all the visas, residence permits and healthcare cards they need, as well as ensuring that all the medical and other documentation needed for company staff is fully completed. Where family members are concerned, DAFZA also helps company owners and managers to obtain visas for any dependents that may require them.


    Freezone Services for Business Formation in UAE, DAFZA is not only popular with small businesses and solo entrepreneurs. As DAFZA registration allows for multiple shareholders, businesses of all sizes call it home. Shareholders can be individuals or companies and each free zone business can register up to five. Dubai Airport Freezone Company Formation

    6. LOCATION:

    There’s no doubt that Dubai Airport Freezone Authority’s strategic location is a big part of its pull for entrepreneurs from all over the world. Located in the heart of Dubai – the UAE’s business hub – the free zone is ideally placed to do business with both East and West.Dubai Airport Freezone Company Formation It’s no coincidence that Indian and German companies are among the most prominent investors in the free zone. DAFZA’s location next to Dubai International Airport positions it perfectly for any business that would benefit from highly integrated transport links – including import/export, distribution and storage businesses.


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