Document Attestation Services in UAE
Document Attestation Services in Dubai

Document Attestation Services in UAE

Document Attestation Services in UAE

Our goal at Attestation BCM Corporate Services is to make Document Attestation Services in Dubai as simple and seamless as possible. Our talented and experienced team handles a wide variety of document attestation services as your one-stop location to meet all your needs. Whether you need documents immediately or in a few months, we can provide everything you need to take the stress out of your visit to the embassy. Best of all, we come to you to make things even simpler and more convenient.

UAE isn’t a member of The Hague Apostle Convention. so, for the documents to be valid, the Government authentication or legalization is required. It can be tedious and time taking and you might not have the endurance to handle the technicalities and tiresome experience of the process. But you can keep all the worries at bay because to take you through the procedure, Our trained and experienced team at World Attestation is always ready.

We are dedicated to offering our esteemed clientele convenient and absolutely hassle-free customer services. Our services spread across nations such as India, Pakistan, the USA, and the UK to ensure easy accessibility. We carry out all kinds of documents attestation services in Dubai, UAE from degree certificate to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, UAE & translation services as well. It is not necessary for the person to be in the home country, where your original document was issued, to get it attested. For more information, please reach out to us.

List of UAE Documents

we will assist you with Document Attestation Services in Dubai and UAE

  • Degree Certificate Attestation UAE.     
  • Diploma Certificate attestation UAE.    
  • Attesting Special Power of Attorney.
  • Attesting Board Resolution.
  • Attesting Agency Agreements.
  • Experience Certificate Attestation UAE.
  • Marriage Certificate Attestation UAE.
  • Birth Certificate Attestation UAE.
  • Death Certificate Attestation UAE.
  • Medical Certificate Attestation UAE.
  • Birth Certificate Retrieval UAE.
  • Attesting Power of Attorney.
  • B.Tech Certificate attestation UAE.
  • Nursing Certificate attestation UAE.
  • Ph.D. Certificate Attestation UAE.
  • MBA Certificate Attestation UAE.
  • M.Ed Certificate Attestation UAE.
  • Attesting Memorandum of Association.
  • Attesting Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Attesting Articles of Association.


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Degree Certificate Attestation Services in Dubai and UAE

Document Attestation Services in Dubai
Document Attestation Services in Dubai


Degree Certificate Attestation, an accreditation procedure under the section of Educational Certificate Attestation. Degree certificate attestation for the UAE indicates the degree certificate must be verified by a person willing to migrate to any UAE. The UAE Embassy or Department will guide  Document Attestation Services in Dubai and control each of the methods of certification and, upon this confirmation, a politician seal or mark is going to be appended to the certificate. Each procedure is completed by the Embassy or Department of the UAE and therefore the applicant must produce all necessary certificates at the UAE Embassy

Degree Certificate Attestation Services in Dubai and UAE is used for:

 Document Attestation Services in Dubai 

This attestation is used mostly for migration purposes.

It is additionally needed to achieve a visa from the UAE.

Similarly, it’s necessary to attend the interviews or test the UAE.

It is vital to hitch UAE College to urge a complicated education.

UAE employers are going to be asked to understand the degree capability of those attestation migrant workers.

Required procedures for Degree Certificate Attestation Services in Dubai and UAE: Document Attestation Services in Dubai 

  • Degree certificate
  • Passport copy

Required procedures for Degree Certificate Attestation in Dubai and UAE:

  • HRD attestation
  • MEA attestation
  • Embassy attestation
  • MOFA attestation

Birth Certificate Attestation Services in Dubai and UAE- 

A Birth certificate is a must-have document, that records the birth of a child. Typically, the certificate registers vital details including Date of Birth, Place of birth, Gender and Name of the oldsters. It is mandatory to obtain authentication from a legal authority, to be able to use this in a foreign country, say for instance in UAE. document Attestation Services in Dubai

 If you are migrating to the UK, the birth certificate must be Apostatized and not through the usual Legalization process. In case if you are applying for a visa in GCC countries, a legally attested Birth certificate is an essential document to be submitted. You are required to hand over the original Birth certificate to our authorized representative to initiate the process. Document Attestation Services in Dubai 

Why is Birth Certificate Attestation important?

 document Attestation Services in Dubai

An attested birth certificate is a vital document to be submitted when you apply for 

– Fresh passport for a minor.

– School admissions, as a proof for age.

– Migration to overseas.

– Name change in school or any government-related documents.

– VISA in most countries.

How should you get the Birth certificate attested?

Generally, the birth certificates are attested by the home department or the Ministry of External Affairs of the respective country. Adding to that, the corresponding embassy of the country, where the document holder intends to migrate should also validate and attest to this certificate. Document Attestation Services in Dubai 

Below is the general attestation process flow involved for Gulf countries

Verification of the birth certificate by Notary Public (Notary Public Verification)

– Birth certificate attestation from Foreign Affairs or from the home country.

– Embassy Attestation from the home country.

– Lastly, an attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country, in which you intend to use the birth certificate.

We will elaborate this with an example to give you better clarity of the usual process in place in the majority of countries across the globe.

Typical Time duration and Fast-track options.

 Document Attestation Services in Dubai 

Generally, the time frame required for obtaining birth certificate attestations varies based on the regulations of the issuing country and the foreign country where you are intending to use the document. Upon receiving a scanned copy of the document, we shall be able to guide you with details about the exact time duration. To effectively meet the urgent demands of the applicants, we have recently introduced a VIP Service, that fast-tracks the process compared to the usual ones.

Documents to be submitted

 Document Attestation Services in Dubai 

Typically, we require the following documents to obtain Birth Certificate Attestation,

  • Original Birth Certificate of the document holder.
  • Passport copy of both parents.

Cost Estimation

 Document Attestation Services in Dubai 

We toil to ensure the best rates in the market to our applicants. Instant quotes will be shared once we receive the scanned copy of the birth certificate. You don’t have to even appear in person to obtain the attestation.

The cost is usually calculated based on the following

  • Issuing country of the document.
  • Intended-to-use country.
  • The language in which the document is issued.

Instant quotes will be shared once we receive the scan copy of the birth certificate. It is not required for the physical presence of the person whose documents have to be attested. Document Attestation Services in Dubai 

Marriage Certificate Attestation Services in UAE

Marriage Certificate Attestation Services in UAE – a wedding certificate may be legal proof that two people are married. It is an important document once you travel/relocate to foreign countries and is issued by either church/mosque/temple or by a state authority.

Marriage certificate must provide the following details

  • Name of the parties- the bride and the groom.
  • Age / Marital status of the parties.
  • Date of Marriage.
  • Place of the Marriage.
  • Address of the Bride and the Groom.
  • Name of the witnesses.
  • The name of the person who formalized the marriage.

In the UAE, Attestation on the wedding certificate is mandatory to authorize the legalization of your marriage within the home country. In accordance with UAE laws, it’s illegal for a few to measure together if they aren’t married.

If you’re applying for a resident visa for the spouse, Marriage certificate has got to be attested from the authority of the issuing country then from the country that you intend to use this. Document Attestation Services in Dubai 

The step-by-step procedure involved

The process of obtaining marriage certificate attestation differs from one country to another. The following gives an overview of the process involved in most of the countries across the globe. Document Attestation Services in Dubai 

  • Obtaining Notary Public Verification from the issuing country.
  • Second, Attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the home country
  • Attestation from the Embassy of the country that you simply shall use,
  • Lastly, obtaining an attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs within the country that you simply shall use( Here, it’s UAE).

The usual time period for obtaining Attestation-

In most of the cases, it requires 3-5 working days to get attestation on a marriage certificate. We put our maximum efforts to accelerate the process and help you receive attestation on time. Attestation on Time offers Normal and VIP services. Clients can choose any of them, based on their convenience and requirements.

The exact time required for processing shall be intimated to you at the time of document collection. Document Attestation Services in Dubai 

Why do you have to have an attested Marriage Certificate in UAE?

While living with your partner could be the major purpose of having an attested marriage certificate, the following are some important scenarios, when you will need it.

  • The name change in the passport(adding or removing)
  • Applying for Family VISA.
  • Admitting your wife for delivery in the hospital
  • For Expats, to adopt a child.
  • Filing a Divorce.
  • Applying a passport for children.
  • Admitting your kid to the schools.
  • Applying for Insurance.

Are you sponsoring your family in UAE?

Following are the mandatory documents and certificates, that you simply should submit once you are sponsoring your family within the UAE. Document Attestation Services in Dubai 

  • Color Passport copies of the family members who wish to live in the UAE.
  • White Background photograph of each sponsored person.
  • Attested Certificates(Marriage/Birth/Divorce)
  • Original Ejari Certificate & Electricity Bill.
  • Tenancy Contract.
  • Original Labour Contract (the salary should meet the standards of family sponsor)
  • Original Salary Certificate.
  • Bank Statement (3 months statement required)
  • IBAN details of the sponsor.

Salient documents to be submitted for Marriage certificate Attestation services

  • Original Marriage Certificate
  • Passport Copies of the couple.

We will initiate the process, once you submit all the processing documents. As per the regulations, document requirements vary from time to time. Document Attestation Services in Dubai  If there are any such requirements, we will guide you when you place the order.

What is the cost estimate?

Usually, the value involved in obtaining attestation on your marriage certificate depends on- the Issuing country, the language utilized in the certificate, the country that the applicant intends to use the certificate, and the type of service you choose.

Send us a scanned copy of the Marriage certificate, and our experts shall guide you with an estimated quote for the process of Attestation. Document Attestation Services in Dubai 

How should I proceed further?

  • Contact our customer service team and send a copy of the certificates.
  • Get all your queries answered by our experts.
  • Opt for a collection method as per your convenience
  • Submit all your supporting documents
  • Documents delivered as per your requirements

Company Document Attestation Services in UAE – 

Before submitting your company documents to the government department, it is compulsory to get them Attested / Legalized. We will help you through an easy and authentic process as below.  Document Attestation Services in Dubai 

What are commercial/company documents?

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Power of Attorney(company)
  • Share Holders Certificate
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Association
  • Trade License
  • Company Invoice
  • Certificate of Incumbency
  • Board of Directors
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Change of Company Name Certificate
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Board Resolution.

What is the process?

The process involved mainly depends on the ‘issuing’ country of the document as well as on the ‘intended to use’ country. Generally, we select one of the authorities based on the type of the document. Document Attestation Services in Dubai 

  • Notary Public/Solitaire Verification.
  • Foreign Affairs from the home country.
  • Embassy Attestation from the home country.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the intended to use country.

Why should I obtain Attestation for a Company document?

When you have plans to establish a company in the UAE or a foreign branch in UAE, it is mandatory to get your company documents Authenticated and Legalized.

  • When you are opening a Bank Account.
  • As you sign agreements and new contracts.
  • When buy or sell goods from a foreign country.

How long it takes for Company Document Attestation?

Normally, we require 5-6 working days to receive the Embassy Attestation. To meet the urgent demands of certain applicants, we offer- Normal and VIP Service. We will share the processing time when you place the order.

What are the documents to be submitted?

To receive Attestation for company documents, it’s mandatory for you to submit the original document. Sometimes, the authorities may ask for a Passport copy and Authority letter, giving us permission to obtain Attestation on your behalf. We will review the documents at the time of order placement.

What is the estimated cost for Company Documents Attestation?

The cost incurred may vary based on the below factors-

Issuing country of the Documents

Intended country of use in the future

Depending on the amount charged by the Embassy.

To get your estimate of the cost, please share a scanned copy of the Company documents

How to place the order?

Contact our support team for help and queries.

Submit your documents to our representative

Stay calm about the process and safety of your documents

We deliver your documents, even at your doorstep

Diploma Certificate Attestation Services

Diploma Certificate Attestation Services – Diploma certificates are issued by an academic Institution, College, or by a University. Most of the certificates we receive for Attestation are ones, that were awarded for a two-year program. But the duration varies counting on the themes and course you apply for. We shall assist you to get such certificates attested for authentication very quickly and reliably. 

The course of action  Document Attestation Services in Dubai 

For Diploma Certificate Attestations, the flow of the method is especially determined by the issuing country of the certificate. Consider an example- Mr. XYZ has graduated with a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from a University in London. He has a job opportunity in the UAE. The Company owner asks for an attested Diploma Certificate to verify his authenticity. Here, we should apply for attestation certificate following the UK Certificate Attestation process, which is given below-

  • Notary Public Verification from the UK
  • FCO (Foreign Common Wealth Officer) from the UK
  • UAE Embassy from the UK
  • MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) from UAE

So, Diploma Certificate attestations generally depend upon the issuing country of that specific document and therefore the intended country of use.

Diploma Certificate Attestation Documents requirements

To get the attestation of your Diploma certificates in UAE, we normally require the first certificate and passport copy of the document holder. Sometimes, the authorities may invite an authorization letter, supporting us to hunt authorization on behalf of you. Once you place the order, our team verifies all the requirements before sending them to the authorities. 

Time duration estimate  Document Attestation Services in Dubai 

Duration usually required for obtaining attestation for Diploma certificates depends supported the issuing country of the document. Given below, maybe a rough estimate of the standard duration required for obtaining certificate attestation of various countries. Document Attestation Services in Dubai 

Indian Diploma Certificate Attestation requires 8 business days.

UK Diploma Certificate Attestation requires 10 business days.

Australia Diploma Certificate Attestation requires 12 business days.

“With Attestations, trust in BCM Corporate Services We assure you a rapid and reliable service. To know the precise duration required, send a replica of the document. 

Costs incurred  Document Attestation Services in Dubai 

When you are seeking the subsequent opportunities, relevant to a far off country, obtaining attestations on your diploma certificate is mandatory.

VISA Stamping

Designation Change (eg.Sales VISA to Manager VISA)

Labor Card processing

Medical reasons

MOH/DOH Examinations

Equivalency purpose.

Higher Education

Our team shall guide you about the precise process, duration, and choose a convenient service that matches your requirements.  Document Attestation Services in Dubai 

To proceed further  Document Attestation Services in Dubai 

Contact our team to get all your questions and doubts answered.

Reliable collection of documents

We verify the requirements.

We take care of the entire process.

We deliver them to your address supported your convenience.

Contact us for Document Attestation Services in Dubai 

 We at BCM Corporate services LLC, extend our quality services to our client with well experienced & qualified Business consultant with rich expertise in document attestation Services in Dubai so that client’s requirements of Business setup in Dubai. can be completed on time with satisfactory Results outcome. Please feel free to reach us for your Business setup and document attestation Services in Dubai requirements on our email id: or call us on +971502585921



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