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Dubai is a place go to place for businessmen and investors and the business hub Company Formation in UAE of the center East. it’s the foremost populous city within the UAE and is found within the north-eastern a part of the country. Dubai is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, Company Formation in UAE with the foremost significant contributors to its GDP being land, trade, tourism, and financial services industries. Despite the Emirate’s infrastructure having built on the oil exports over three decades ago, oil and gas contribute to but 5% of its GDP now.

Dubai has gained the reputation of a number one trading hub in UAE, due to premier business locations and an environment that’s not unduly restrictive. Business Setup Services UAE offers companies several benefits for individuals and businesses like asset protection, tax exemptions, indebtedness, and complete privacy, in establishing a business in Dubai. The country also offers tremendous promise to overseas companies.

  • Excellent growth trajectory (imports have doubled since 1990) and unique policies of liberalization
  • Prosperous market located in one among the world’s wealthiest regions that are diversified and offers ample opportunities to traders
  • No trade barriers, quotas, exchange controls (open market)
  • Around 90 airlines and 170 shipping lines with that high transport accessibility through air or water

Types of Company Formation in UAE
Business Setup Services

Branches are well versed in the corporate formation laws and regulations in Dubai. we will assist you found out your business here by availing the licenses like Industrial/Service License, Trading/Commercial License, and Professional/General Trading License). you’ll choose between among a free port, mainland, or offshore company in Dubai.

Onshore and offshore sectors dominate the UAE economy. The offshore industries have a Free Zone that invites international business for investment purpose. And onshore sectors put restrictions on foreign ownership and lookout of local business interests. Here’s a touching summary of the three sorts of company formation in Dubai:

1. Free port Company Formation in UAE

Free zones in Dubai are the foremost sought-after locations for international business operations. They attract foreign direct investment thanks to their policies that generate employment while supporting economic reforms. freeport company registration Dubai may be a highly profitable investment option for organizations due to incentives like:

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Exemption of taxes
  • Customs privileges
  • More significant growth potential thanks to the strategic location
  • Well established transport network and road connectivity
  • Proximity to an outsized customer base
  • Affordable cost for high-quality labor
There are many such positive aspects of fixing a corporation within the Dubai free port.

Company Formation in UAE

Many businesses like better to find out an offshore company, also referred to as the non-resident company, in Dubai, because the income obtained from a company (offshore company) isn’t taxable.

Other than tax savings, people prefer having an offshore company as a company in order that they will hold:

  • The interest of other companies during a separate jurisdiction
  • Licensing of franchises
  • Intellectual property rights like patent, trademark, copyright, etc.
The offshore company has many features in the Free Zone
  • Complete tax exemption
  • Virtual office facilities
  • No exchange controls
  • Provision to open a multi-currency checking account
  • Stringent privacy laws and reliable confidentiality
  • Offshore business setup in Dubai has several benefits related to it, thanks to which many established businesses outside Dubai choose this feature.

Mainland Company formation in UAE

A business entity falling under commercialized geographical areas and directly registered under the Emirates government and its authorities are mentioned as a mainland company. Permits maximum foreign shareholder equity capped at 49% the mainland company in Dubai Business Setup Services can perform business across the UAE. Mainland represents the foremost developed economy because it’s about up directly following the legal structures of the govt. policies.

Why Invest in UAE?
Company Formation IN UAE

With unabashed architecture and exciting skylines, it’s easy to grasp why Dubai remains the fastest growing metropolis within the world and therefore the tourism hub of the UAE. Growth here has been expediential, having transformed from a small fishing village to a serious trading hub in but 30 years. There are many reasons why one must invest in Dubai; they’re as follows:

Dubai Expo 2020 Business Setup Services

One of the foremost talked after events currently within the world is Expo 2020. Dubai got the respect of hosting the planet Expo within the year 2020. With the visitor number expected to succeed in 25 million, it'll help to spice up rental demand and deliver a robust ROI for investors. Scheduled to run between October 2020 and April 2021, this six-month-long carnival are going to be supported the theme' Connecting minds, creating future.' For the primary time, this may compile the simplest of innovation, trade, and products from everywhere the planet to the UAE.

Travel and Tourism Business Setup Services

The tourism industry and hospitality contribute 18% of Dubai's total GDP. The Emirate has events that promote tourism and several attractions. The cultural festivals like Dubai International Film and Festival and town hosts various art and Dubai festival and sporting events like Formula 1 Race, Rugby 7's, Dubai Golf Desert Classic, International Cricket Matches and Dubai World Cup of racing.

Trade and Investment

Dubai Derivatives hub through initiatives of the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange and has developed as a Forex. it is a regional hub for trade and investment of commodities like gold and precious metals, diamonds and colored stones, energy, tea also as pearls and fashion jewelry. They accounted for 26.5% of UAE's non-oil foreign trade 2008

Simple Doing Business

According to the convenience of Doing Business 2019 report,Business Setup Services the UAE scored 11th rank globally and 1st rank regionally.

  • Getting electricity – 1st rank
  • Paying taxes – 2nd rank
  • Dealing with construction permits- 5th rank
  • Registering property – 7th rank
  • Enforcing of contracts – 9th rank
  • Protecting minority investors – 15th rank

Growing Economy

Dubai's economy GDP shares a small amount from diversified into aviation, trade, tourism, financial services, and other industries and a little to no dependence on oil. As the other UAE countries have suffered thanks to the recent oil crisis, Dubai's economy has grown with growth expected to extend by 3.1% in 2017

Strategic Location

The best location for facilities in the UAE from the east and west. The country is accessible to major emerging economies, linking shipping routes and facilitating goods’ transportation between the varied regions within the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and Africa.

In the global environment that we live today, there are many opportunities to participate in the Company Formation in Dubai increase of a country/region by investing in it.

Benefits of Company Incorporation in UAE
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Apart from the benefits mentioned above, there’s more to Dubai and its business culture. Dubai’s strategic location is simply the primary during a long list of causes to take a position within the city. It provides a gateway towards Eastern businesses and is a superb hub for imports and exports. The diverse and growing economy Dubai makes it possible for foreign investors to concentrate their attention on areas different from the one that made the town famous. Oil, logistics, trade, transportation, tourism, and land are a number of the business areas that became essential over a previous couple of years. no matter the business field one chooses to enter; the Emirate features a qualified workforce. the town also attracts ex-pats from around the world, and therefore the labor policies make it very easy for employers to rent personnel from different parts of the world. Dubai is taken into account together of the safest cities within the world and one that features a top quality of life. Here are a couple of benefits if you would like to open a corporation in Dubai:

  • No limitation on visas
  • Flexibility to rent office anywhere
  • No restrictions in office space requirement
  • Great opportunity to expand by forming branches
  • New permit to grow the business within the mainland without establishing a branch office
  • No minimum capital investment required
  • Permission to undertake government projects

Types of Business Entities in UAE
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As per the Federal Law, a billboard company in Dubai must haven’t but 51% local equity (participation of UAE nationals). There are seven entities in which you can open a Business in Dubai

Sole Proprietorship

Sole Proprietor Company in Dubai may be a separate legal entity and is operated by one individual. A sole proprietor is in complete control of the company's operations, and he/she completely bare the profits and losses. A sole proprietor is fully responsible for the company's debts or obligation.

General Partnership Company

A General Partnership Company in Dubai is owned by two or partners who bear unlimited liability and are liable for the debts and obligations of the corporate during a personal capacity. A general partnership may dissolve within the event of bankruptcy, withdrawal, insanity, or death of a partner.


A Partnership en Commendam is liable for the company's profits, losses, debts, obligations and in Dubai consists of 1 or more general partners who bear unlimited liability. The joint partners in Dubai need nationals of the UAE thanks to partners involved within the financial commitments during a limited partnership

Limited Liability Company

An indebtedness Company (LLC) is that the one whose liability is restricted to the extent of their shareholding within the company. An LLC may conduct any sort of commercial activity except insurance, banking, and or money investment. Trading LLCs are permitted to hold out business in their local Emirate also on export and import easily.

Joint Venture Company

A venture company in Dubai may be a contractual agreement between a world party and a regional party licensed to conduct the coveted commercial activity. An exclusive license isn't issuable within the name of the corporate. The license belonging to the first partner is enough for the implementation of the project with the collaboration of the opposite partner who engages within the running of the corporate.

Public Shareholding Company

A Public Shareholding Company in Dubai is additionally called as a Public Joint Stock Company. it's the one where the business capital is split into equal shares, with each shareholder's liability limited to the amount of shares within the company

Strategic Location

A Public Shareholding Company in Dubai is additionally called as a Public Joint Stock Company. it's the one where the business capital is split into equal shares, with each shareholder's liability limited to the amount of shares within the company

Private Shareholding Company

A Private Shareholding Company in Dubai is additionally called as a personal Joint Stock Company and is owned by a non-governmental organization. The minimum capital required to register a personal shareholding company in Dubai is AED 2 million.

Professional Company Business Setup Services

A Professional Company in Dubai is a corporation that operates out of the intellectual efforts of its partners. To guide the conduct of professional companies in the UAE has explicit norms and Rules & Regulations. One must have a knowledgeable license to start out knowledgeable Company.

Out of those seven company types, indebtedness Company (LLC) is that the most ordinarily chosen one by foreign investors.

Moreover, 51% participation of UAE nationals is that the general norm within the seven company mentioned above types, apart from the subsequent scenarios:

  • Where 100% of local ownership is required
  • Where 100% foreign ownership is allowed is the Free Trade Zones in UAE
  • Where wholly owned AGCC companies partner with UAE nationals and in activities with 100% Arabian Gulf Cooperation Council (AGCC) ownership,
  • A representative office or branch in Dubai where foreign companies registered
  • Where 100% of foreign ownership is allowed in artisan or professional companies

What are the kinds of Business Licenses Available in UAE?

The Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai is the licensing authority that issues a license for significant activities. A fundamental prerequisite for all commercial activity in Dubai is to use for and procure one among the subsequent three categories of licenses:

Commercial License Business Setup Services

If an investor wants to involve in trading activities or buying and selling of products, they need to get a billboard license in Dubai. The DED issues this license for the companies.

Industrial License Business Setup Services

Businesses that transform natural material or natural resources into their final products gets the industrial license in Dubai

Professional License Business Setup Services

A professional license in Dubai is issued to a private or a corporation to practice any profession during which he/she relies on talent and intellectual abilities. it's meant for artisans, craftsmen, and other professional service providers.

Companies can apply for other licenses:

  • Import/Export License
  • Manufacturing License
  • Spa License
  • Freelance License
  • E-commerce License

To get a comprehensive overview of various licenses, read our business licenses within the Dubai section.

Things to understand Before Company Formation in Dubai
Business Setup Services

There are many rules and regulations and stuff that you don’t need before you open a business

Local Sponsor

Local Sponsor within the UAE refers to an area service agent or a nominee shareholder in mainland companies with foreign investment. A sponsor has got to be an Emirati with a family card. If one wants to open a business in mainland Dubai, then they need to have an area sponsor. an area sponsor will own 51% of the shares within the company, while the foreign investor will own the remaining 49%.

PRO Services

In Dubai, fixing a business involves legal guidelines following the Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai Immigration, the Ministry of Labour, and other public departments. PRO services can are available handy if one is new to the company milieu in Dubai or doesn't have considerable experience in business found out here.

Dubai Business Centre

To start a business in Dubai, you want to have a registered office. For that, one must research the market they want to cater to. It is often the mainland, free zone, or offshore. the various sorts of office space options are:

  • Serviced office
  • Onshore office
  • Free zone office

Tax Residency Certificate

Also referred to as the Tax Domicile Certificate, TRC is issued by the Ministry of Finance, to require advantage of the double taxation avoidance signed between the foreign jurisdictions and therefore the UAE. It means if you're an expat with a business within the UAE, you'll avoid paying taxes in your home country by obtaining a TRC. this will be done as long as your country is in agreement with the UAE.

How to Start a Business in UAE?
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Dubai may be a commercial capital of the United Arab Emirates. An investor friendly government is just two of the factors that motivate entrepreneurs to start out a business in Dubai and International exposure. do not forget about the perks on investments and tax benefits in comparison to other countries.

For new company registration in Dubai, these steps could also be followed:

Choose the brand name for your Business

The first step is to secure a trading name and do the required research to form sure that the name isn't already in use. Submit the proposed name and registration application to the Department of Economic Development (DED)

Determine the sort of Business

From the list mentioned above, determine the company entity you would like to include in Dubai. the sort of business depends on the commercial activity that you simply choose. In Dubai, an indebtedness Company is that the most-preferred business entity within the Emirate

Choose a commercial activity

The nature of the business can have an impact on which business jurisdictions one chooses. for instance, if an investor wants to start out a corporation in any of the Dubai free zones, the various free port is devoted to different commercial activity. And an investor can choose counting on what they need their business to be.

Draft a Memorandum of Association

A MoA includes the small print of shareholders and therefore the company. Minimum share capital is typically beginning within the Memorandum of Association of your proposed company. Get the company's Memorandum of Association in notarized within the DED.

Submit Required Documents

If you want to open a business in the Dubai then register at the Dubai company register. Company Formation in Dubai Attach documents of the corporate with the DED to get a trade license from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. While perhaps the foremost difficult of these steps, the paperwork doesn't need to be too taxing providing it's undertaken with expert help. A business setup partner can advise you on the paperwork required and assist you to complete it.

Other Approvals Business Setup Services

There are some facilities and Company Formation in Dubai businesses that require approval Business Setup Services from a corresponding Ministry/Department.

Once these steps are done Business Setup Services an entrepreneur can officially start a business in Dubai. We also provide a guide for the Dubai business setup, to urge in-depth information on the procedure.

  • Documents Required
  • License Application
  • Attested LLC agreement
  • Governmental forms
  • Name reservation certificate
  • Initial approval certificate
  • External departments approval
  • Tenancy contract
  • EJARI registration certificate
  • NOC for partners and Passport copies partners
  • Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry Registration

Things to try to After Business Incorporation in Dubai
Business Setup Services

After an investor register their business in Dubai what happens then? Are there any added formalities? These questions are common when one is new to the country and is a smaller amount conscious of the rules and formalities. The post-incorporation compliances are as under: Company Formation in Dubai

Rent Business Premises

Having a physical existence is obligatory Business Setup Services for each business in Dubai. The tenancy agreement, EJARI, and land Regulation Authority (RERA) documents got to be submitted, Company Formation in Dubai following which the DED grants the initial approval during the business registration process.

Open a Business checking account

Dubai is home to several banks, both local and international. Company Formation in Dubai the wants to open a checking account in Dubai vary from bank to bank, but the method requires the presence of a director and a shareholder.

Banking options in Dubai are: Company Formation in UAE

  • Emirates NBD
  • Commercial Bank of Dubai
  • HSBC
  • Barclays
  • Mashreq Bank

For an offshore company, before Dubai business formation, they’re required to open an offshore account.

Apply for an institution Card

The Ministry of Labor issues an establishment card in Dubai. Having this card allows a business to rent staff, obtain work permits, and apply for visas on behalf of its employees. the cardboard verifies that the corporate is registered with the Ministry of Labor and features a license number Company Formation in UAE

Visa Application

After obtaining the establishment card, one can apply for a visa in Dubai alongside staff and dependents. This advantage is out there in any of the Dubai free zones, but the amount of applications to be sent depends on which free port one chooses to line up from Company Formation in Dubai

Register Employees with Social Security

Social security within the United Arab Emirates is that the retirement pension for retired workers and employees. Once a private reaches the official age of retirement, they're entitled to a pension. it's supported their average salary during the few years of employment and therefore the number of years they need contributed

What is the value of fixing a Business in UAE?

For someone eager to start a venture within the Emirate, the value factor are often a big deterring factor. Having a transparent idea of what proportion it’s going to costs to line up a business in Dubai can make the going easy for companies meaning to have a presence in Dubai.

Mainland Business Setup Cost

Various factors depend upon the entire fees one has got to buy mainland incorporation. they're as follows:

  • Nature of Business
  • Visa permit
  • Office premises
  • Notary fees
  • Trade License
  • Registration at the govt department

Free Zone Business Setup Cost and Company Formation in UAE

Under this, the value varies counting on the free port one chooses. aside from that, the costs incurable are:

  • One-time fee for registering a corporation within the city
  • One-time fee for trade name-reservation
  • A yearly fee for a business license
  • An annual fee for building
  • Visa fee/person

Business Opportunities in Dubai for Investors
Company Formation in Dubai

Now that the fundamentals of the business process in Dubai are covered, it’s essential to understand as an investor, during which the business must invest to realize profits. Some of the industries doing good in Dubai for investment.

Travel and Tourism Business Company Formation in UAE

Dubai has many beautiful places for a tourist like Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain, Palm Island, Dubai Creek, and Aquarium. Naturally, many tourists flock into the Emirates to ascertain and luxuriate in these places. to start out this business, one must have a tourism license in Dubai issued by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM)

Restaurant Business Company Formation in UAE

Dubai's population includes people from different parts of the planet, which brings a spread of cuisines offered by the town. The food industry has the very best growth out of all the opposite sectors in Dubai. Increasing growth is one among the explanations to settle on this industry for business within the city. The restaurant business in Dubai are often found out after getting the 'Food Code' from the Food Control Department.

E-commerce Business Company Formation in UAE

Dubai isn't far behind to become 100% active e-commerce business. the world is understood for top internet penetration and literacy rate, e-commerce is about to realize a market of AED 40 billion. it's become increasingly essential that companies increase their footprint to urge users' attention. Hence, the e-commerce business is some things an investor can anticipate investing in Dubai.

Freelancing Business Company Formation in UAE

Dubai has come up with different projects altogether different divisions. it's on the way of getting the projects channelized through digitalization. Digitization creates tons of opportunities for international investors to require their footsteps towards forming a business also as individuals and experts to figure as a freelancer in Dubai to satisfy the projects at a speedy pace.

Construction Business Company Formation in UAE

There is a huge competition in GCC and therefore the Middle-east region for skyscrapers and Dubai has the whip hand. the town may be a hub to the world's highest building and has helped it to become a favorite within the construction business. to start out this business, investors got to obtain a construction license in Dubai from the Department of Economic Development.

Our Business Setup Services in UAE

We at Branches our company formation consultants in Dubai and may assist you with the subsequent business setup services. We provides various types of Business setup services in Dubai at a affordable prices.

  • Company incorporation
  • Company registration
  • Local sponsorship
  • Public Relations Officer (PRO) services
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Auditing
  • Tax consulting
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) registration
  • Legal advisory
  • Setting up a branch office in Dubai
  • Intellectual property protection
BCM Corporate Services Can Help You !
Business Setup Services


While Dubai World Trade Centre Free Zone is home to a large number of multinational corporations, it’s also very popular with smaller businesses – and its flexi-desk package is a big reason. Flexi-desk is perfect for entrepreneurs who don’t want to commit to permanent physical office space, but still require the ad-hoc use of office equipment and facilities such as meeting rooms. But the key benefit here is that with DWTC’s flexi-desk package you can apply for multiple visas.


For those who require more flexibility than a flexi-desk, Dubai World Trade Centre allows you to set up shop without committing to any office space at all – simply register your business in the free zone and work from wherever you wish. If an office is a requirement, however, DWTC has you covered here as well. Entrepreneurs have the option of taking permanent office space in DWTC’s business centre – currently located in Sheikh Rashid Tower but soon to move to brand new facilities in the coming months.


Whatever type of business you wish to form, Dubai World Trade Centre company setup is fast, simple and affordable. Starting a Free Zone Establishment (FZE), a Free Zone Company (FZCO) or a branch of an existing business in DWTC can be very reasonable. In fact, for the flexi-desk option it may be as low as AED 41,000. As for the process, all is taken care of through the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) special project counter and therefore follows the standard DED company formation process.


Another reason why Dubai World Trade Centre Free Zone appeals to smaller businesses is that it does not require entrepreneurs to provide a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from a current employer. This is ideal for first time entrepreneurs wishing to set up side businesses within the free zone while still employed.


Perhaps the biggest reason why DWTC is one of the UAE’s most bustling business hubs is that it is open to such a wide variety of businesses. Entrepreneurs wishing to set up here can select any DED listed business activity – that’s a choice of over 2,000 from industries as diverse as agriculture, construction and finance.


To set up in Dubai World Trade Centre Free Zone you simply deposit AED 300,000 in paid upfront share capital and provide proof that you have done so. While this is certainly a barrier for some, it’s a relatively small cost for setting up in such a prestigious location. If you wish to set up a branch of an existing company, no share capital is required.


Anything that can lighten the administrative burden can only be a good thing. Fortunately, Dubai World Trade Centre is on hand to help. Not only is there no annual audit for DWTC businesses but there’s also no ongoing book keeping requirements.


Another way DWTC can help to reduce admin is by assisting with the opening of your corporate bank account. As well as advising you on the best banks to suit your needs, Dubai World Trade Centre staff can also arrange meetings with your chosen financial institutions should you so wish.


As well as making it easy to apply for your own visa, it’s also straightforward for entrepreneurs in Dubai World Trade Centre to sponsor dependants for their residence visas as well. Whether you wish to sponsor a maid, driver or family member, the process is relatively easy – entry permit, status adjustment, medical fitness test, then Emirates ID registration and visa stamping. As this is such an important process, it’s a good idea to get advice from an expert in setting up UAE free zone businesses. This ensures that before you start an application, both you and those you’re hoping to sponsor meet all of the entry criteria.


Another major draw for large businesses toward Dubai World Trade Centre is that it allows for setup with multiple shareholders – which can be individuals, corporate entities or a combination of the two. Entrepreneurs wishing to set up such a business simply need to register a Free Zone Company.


Dubai World Trade Centre’s strategic location is yet another factor behind its tremendous popularity. Its transport links include the Dubai Metro and close proximity to Al Maktoum International Airport. Plus, at the heart of its complex is the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre making DWTC the perfect home for entrepreneurs looking to network, collaborate and engage with likeminded professionals from around the world.


Dubai World Trade Centre’s location, coupled with its low setup costs can offer businesses a real competitive edge. At the heart of Dubai’s financial district, next door to Dubai International Financial Centre, DWTC offers businesses a prestigious office address without the sky-high costs usually associated with the area.


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