Business Consultant in Dubai
Business Consultant in Dubai

Business Consultant in Dubai

Business Consultant in Dubai

A mainland company or DED license is a legal entity that can conduct business operations and transactions through out the UAE and Business Consultant in Dubai other countries without restrictions. UAE Companies Law dictate that expatriate shareholders must nominate a local service agent or a local partner or sponsor to setup a mainland company. In the case of a Limited Liability Company LLC that is Commercial Trading entity, the local partner must hold the majority equity share at least a minimum of 51 percent. We provide Business Consultant in Dubai .

A favorable and legal alternative to a local partner acting as the 51 percent local sponsor, is to choose a corporate nominee partner. This provides expatriate shareholders with 100 percent financial and operational control and stronger legal rights. The obvious benefits of corporate nominee partnership include complete control of the business operations, 100 percent of financial benefits,Business Consultant in Dubai and of course stronger legal contracts aimed at protecting the interests of the business owner and respective shareholders.

Steps Business Consultant in Dubai

At our company BCM Corporate Services LLC as DED advisory team will provide you with transparent and concise advice on all aspects of mainland company formation covering structures, licensing and business activities. Our customer service management team provide efficient ongoing advice and support ensuring you can simply focus on the day to day operations of your business.Business Consultant in Dubai

We are the best in industry for providing Business Consultant in Dubai . We take the time to understand your needs and requirements in a legally privileged environment and put together a tailored proposal with transparent pricing that satisfies those needs, with support every step. Over 9 years, we have built a strong team which is recruited from over 14 countries allowing us to communicate with our clients in over 16 languages. We have also built strong partners allowing us access to preferential services, unavailable elsewhere.

 Business Consultant in Dubai

Business Consultant in Dubai

Our team of qualified consultants will be able to help you every step of the way and advise what options best suit your needs. We are able to provide complete business setup, so you can land and go, or we can just arrange for you to have a MENA branch through our network of local license providers. Business Consultant in Dubai .We have an expanding team of market research specialists who can compile a report on the entire MENA region with regards to where your product sits and send it all over, without you having to leave your office. At Branches we provide various business setup and services such as

  • Business Set Up
  • Freezone Business Services/li>
  • Accounting Services
  • Onshore Business Services
  • Offshore Business Services
  • PRO Services
  • Office Rental
  • Office Set Up Services
  • Distribution Services
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Citizenship Services
  • Event Management
  • Building Material Trading
  • Real Estate Services
  • Restaurant and Cafe Shop

Initial set up cost for company Setup in Dubai

Business Consultant in Dubai

Every company, before Setting Up a Business in Dubai, should analyze the initial costs. Dubai’s tax-free country is an attractive feature for entrepreneurs around the world. Even though there are many hidden fees involved to kick-start your business. Initial approval/ instant license,Business Consultant in Dubai

Trade name approval, Office rent, Drafting the contract and Court Agreement Attestation, Memorandum of Association Attestation, Administrative services fee and public waste municipality fee, Ministry of Economy fee, Trade license, etc.  The one-time costs setting up a business in Dubai. Apart from this, a few yearly expenses to afford is the Commercial Licence fee, Chamber of Commerce fee, Commercial services improvement fee, and Market fees.

The Freezones in the UAE offers a  lot of infrastructure and business support to investors. There are more than 40 Freezones Available in the UAE. The Freezones in the UAE is categorized based on the business activities each Freezones are specialized in. example, as Media Company is advisable to register in any  Media City Freezones, Fujairah Creative Zone, Sharjah Media City, etc

  • The United Arab Emirates has become an international hub for trading and operations with significant improvements in the ease of doing business including simplification of procedures, introduction of the latest technology systems and reducing or either eliminating minimum capital requirements.In addition to the ease of doing business, many steps were implemented to enhance transparency


  • In particular, protection of the interest of the minority shareholders was one of the major initiatives considered, specifically for onshore businesses of which the majority of the capital must be owned by local nationals.Branches business setup, all seven Emirates of the UAE have adopted measures to create a more favorable environment for overseas investors. In particular, three of the Emirates, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah have very flexible rules regarding the acquisition of real estate property by foreigners.


  • Moreover, the Government of the UAE has recently passed a new Companies Law, including 18 draft laws covering insolvency and arbitration laws as well as foreign investment law. The new laws are intended to address a range of issues that are regarded as hampering foreign investment in the UAE.Oil and gas remain the key sectors for foreign investments. Abu Dhabi has however launched a policy for attracting foreign direct investments in order to organise and restructure certain public services such as water and electricity distribution as well as the collection and transport of household wastes.


 UAE is a tax-free jurisdiction with no corporation tax (except of financial institutions and oil sector entities), no personal tax, no imports and exports tax, free repatriation of capital and profits and numerous double tax treaties signed, many of them with OECD countries.There is currently no sales tax or Value Added Tax. VAT will be however imposed by January 1st, 2018 at the standard rate of 5 per cent. Important to note  various services including financial services,

supplies of residential properties, international transportation, education services, healthcare services, local passenger transportation and insurance services will all be exempted from the VAT and many goods and services will be zero-rated. So, the overall impact of the VAT at least at ibss accounting services this point is expected to be limited for the UAE market.


 The first official step Branches business setup services in obtaining a trade license are to reserve a trading name and obtain initial approval from the Department of Economic Development. To reflect its persistent works to enhance the UAE’s top rankings in the World Bank’s Doing Business Report and promote the country as a globally competitive business hub, the Department of Economic Development has expanded its services window by offering these services through law firms in Dubai. Unlike the rest of the official business set up process, this step is the same for all business structures.


  •  The application for trade name approval Branches can be completed online and a list of trade name restrictions and regulations can be found along with the online application. The costs for obtaining a trading name varies depending on the content and language of the company name. The process is relatively straight forward Branches – after filling out the online application or submitting the application in the person of the DED,


  •  you will be given a date on which you can pick up the approval. All fees should be paid before the trade name approval certificate can be released. Branches can usually submit their initial approval applications at the same time as submitting their trade name approval application. Business Consultant in Dubai The documents needed for the step vary depending on the business structure of the company.


  •  At this point, ibss setup services will also need to submit any necessary special approvals from Ministries corresponding to your business. If you are planning to open your new business setup in UAE open within a free zone, keep in mind that the process for registering a trading name is usually taken care of by the free zone authority; each authority has different application processes. Opening a branch of an existing company requires an added set of documents to verify the legitimacy of the branch and its future managers.


  •  IBSS will take After Initial Approvals in Dubai The procedures following the Dubai Economic Department’s (DED) initial approval vary depending on the business structure in UAE. You must submit all of the documents you needed for the initial approval, as well as, including the initial approval, the trade name approval, and the final tenancy contract for the office or warehouse. DED has made mandatory for the commercial establishments to produce lease contracts registered with ‘Ejari’ for the renewal and amendment of commercial licenses. Branches assist you Ejari is the official online registration of property on lease in Dubai introduced by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (Rera) Brancheswill do all documentation services.


  •  If you are applying for a limited liability license, the branches Business Consultant in Dubai  will need to prove your capital requirements by depositing the required amount in a commercial bank and obtaining an undertaking from that bank that the deposited amount will only be released to the managers upon proof of company registration in UAE.

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