Who we are…

Quite simply we are expats from across the globe, who formed a team to streamline the experience new entrepreneurs and expats have when incorporating businesses or migrating to the UAE.

What we do…

We take the time to understand your needs and requirements in a legally privileged environment and put together a tailored proposal with transparent pricing that satisfies those needs, with support every step.

How we do it…

Through a strong team built over 9 years, recruited from over 14 countries allowing us to communicate with our clients in 16+ languages. We have also built strong partners allowing us access to preferential services, unavailable elsewhere.

Our philosophy…

We provide you with the candid and objective feedback you need to make sound business decisions. Our consulting philosophy is designed to help you make tough decisions, capitalize on market opportunities and develop action plans that are realistic and designed to achieve results.

As management consultants, our consulting philosophy is based in working with you to review realistic opportunities for the success of your ideas and your business.

By working in a close partnership with you and your management team, we ensure your involvement and total commitment to implementing the plans and strategies developed to achieve results. We take a personal approach to working with each of our clients at Branches Corporate Management. The customized plans we develop for you are designed to meet your needs. Our plans provide highly individualized, practical solutions to attain your business goals or to solve your business problems.

Our idea…

Providing affordable services with the highest level of customer service, allowing us to have a high rate of customer retention and referrals. The most efficient way to grow is through word of mouth, hence we employ the highest level of professionalism and customer service at any given opportunity.
We’re here to get you where you need to be, within your budget.


Vikas Singh

Business Development Manager

Vikas is one of the three founding partners and an MBA graduate. Vikas has over 15 years of experience in the Middle East and our lead advisor.

Aadil Datta

Founding Partner & UK RM

Aadil is one of the founding partners, born and raised in the United Kingdom. Aadil moved to the UAE in 2012 and faced immense difficulty getting up and running and decided to change the way it was done.

Sanj Kimatrai

Founding Partner & North American RM

Sanj is a Canadian expat living in the UAE with an extensive background in construction project management. Sanj specialises in legislation and legal certification requirements.

Through our in-house teams and strategic partners, we are one of the only firms able to offer everything you need to get up and running. Guaranteed.