Accounting And Book Keeping Services in UAE
Accounting and book-keeping

Accounting And Book Keeping Services in UAE

Accounting And Book Keeping Services in UAE

A mainland company or DED license is a legal entity that Accounting And Book Keeping Services, can conduct business operations and transactions throughout the UAE and in other countries without restrictions. UAE Companies Law dictate that expatriate shareholders must nominate a local service agent or a local partner or sponsor to set up a mainland company. In the case of a Limited Liability Company LLC that is Commercial Trading entity, the local partner must hold the majority equity share at least a minimum of 51 percent. We Accounting And Book Keeping Services.

A favorable and legal alternative to a local partner acting as the 51 percent local sponsor, is to choose a corporate nominee partner. This provides expatriate shareholders with 100 percent financial and operational control and stronger legal rights. The obvious benefits of corporate nominee partnership include complete control of the business operations, 100 percent of financial benefits, and of course stronger legal contracts aimed at protecting the interests of the business owner Accounting And Book Keeping Services and respective shareholders. At our company branches DED advisory team will provide you with transparent and concise advice on all aspects of mainland company formation covering structures, licensing and business activities. Our customer service management team provide efficient ongoing advice and support ensuring you can simply focus on the day to day operations of your business.

We are the best in the industry for providing Accounting And Book Keeping Services. We take the time to understand your needs and requirements in a legally privileged environment and put together a tailored proposal with transparent pricing that satisfies those needs, with support every step. Over 9 years, we have built a strong team for Accounting And Book Keeping Services which is recruited from over 14 countries allowing us to communicate with our clients in over 16 languages. We have also built strong partners allowing us access to preferential services, unavailable elsewhere.


Accounting And Book Keeping Services

Our team of qualified consultants will be able to help you every step of the way and advise what options best suit your needs. We are able to provide complete business setup, so you can land and go, or we can just arrange for you to have a MENA branch through our network of local license providers. We have an expanding team of market research specialists who can compile a report on the entire MENA region with regards to where your product sits and send it all over, without you having to leave your office. At Branches we provide various business setup and services such as

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  • Business Set Up
  • Freezone Business Services
  • Accounting Services
  • Onshore Business Services
  • Offshore Business Services
  • PRO Services
  • Office Rental
  • Office Set Up Services
  • Distribution Services
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Citizenship Services
  • Event Management
  • Building Material Trading
  • Real Estate Services
  • Restaurant and Cafe Shop


BCM Corporate Services help to business owners for Tax regulatory requirements in UAE, and designed which are carefully driven to fulfill VAT policies,

As per Ministry of Finance in UAE All businesses in the UAE will need to record their financial transactions and ensure that their financial records are accurate and up to date. Businesses the minimum annual turnover requirement (as evidenced by their financial records) will be required to register for VAT. BCM Corporate will help customers to comply the rule and regulation of UAE tax must report the amount of VAT charged and the amount of VAT paid to the government on a regular basis. It will be a formal submission.

Advanced Accounting Services ensure customers to make sure that their tax registration, internal policies, practices are legal and up to the standards

Benefit from World-Class Accounting And Bookkeeping Services In Dubai

As one of the top bookkeeping firms in Dubai, the team at Branches Accountants offers the most extensive range of financial services focused on helping our clients raise their profits and enhance their cash flow. Our team of highly qualified and experienced accountants and consultants possess the knowledge and expertise to help businesses develop a highly effective system to monitor and manage their finances in a manner that is both smooth and compliant.

Top Quality Financial Solutions

With decades of experience to our credit, the team at Branches Chartered Accountants is in the position to implement financial solutions that comply with the highest international standards. This helps us ensure that our esteemed clients benefit from top quality services and results in the long run.

With the rapid globalization of markets, the emergence of free trade zones and the vast opportunities provided by the expanded common markets, financial accounting has become a lot more complicated.

Our achievement of being awarded the most acclaimed Super brand status for four consecutive years not only implicated our breadth and depth of commitment, knowledge and technical expertise, but also strengthened our position as the top Accountants in GCC.

Since our inception, we have successfully and efficiently managed accounts for businesses in an array of sectors. So if you are looking for a bookkeeping and Accounting in Dubai that possesses world-class expertise and outstanding experience, then get in touch with us right away.

Branches team, with international experience will bring you high end expert service. We take care of everything, from book keeping, supervision, accounting, tax consulting and taking care of your accounts.

We offer a free of charge for consulting for our new clients. Our service is highly confidential as our client Services list.

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We at BCM Corporate services LLC, extend our quality services to our client with well experience & qualified Business consultant with rich expertise in Business Management services so that client’s requirements ofAccounting And Book Keeping Services  in Dubai can be completed on time with satisfactory Result outcome . Please feel free to reach us for your requirements on our email id : or call us on +971502585921

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